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*****Ask The Preschool Teacher Newsletter!*****
           Vol.2 Number 2  1-10-01
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1. New Ask The Preschool Teacher Question
2. Article / When Children Bite
3. Activity / Don't Just Drink Milk.
4. New Ask Our Visitors Question / Contest
5. Other Great Sites to Visit
6. Letter From Christa

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N E W   A S K   T H E   P R E S C H O O L   T E A C H E R
There are 2 new Ask The Preschool Teacher Questions:

Question 54
Dear Preschool Teacher,
     Please help me I have a 23 month old in my toddler group that's still
bites. She never stops. One day she bit five different children. What should
I be doing? My director doesn't think it's a big deal.  I do! She doesn't
believe in discipline. What should I do?  I talk to the child mom already.
Jaws it at it again!

Question 55
Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I am a nutrition student and I am teaching a preschool class. I have to
teach them about the nutritional value of milk.  I want to do some kind of
song or little game to play with them.  Do you have any suggestions?
Got milk on my mind

Click link below to see the answers
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You turn around to pick up a few stray toys - and it happens. Erin lets out
a piercing scream. You rush over and there's the tell-tale sign - red teeth
marks on Erin's arm. Biting is one of the most difficult behaviors to deal
with in young children. Biting is very similar to hitting, but it is much
more dangerous. Young children have more power in their jaw muscles than in
their arms, so the damage is more severe. And it can happen in an instant,
even when you are standing right there!

Biting is quite common among toddlers and is a very normal reaction for this
age group. Children bite for many reasons. Sometimes they are teething and
the biting feels good. Others seem to enjoy the strong reaction they get.
Sometimes it starts out as a kiss and just goes too far. Most of the time,
though, biting occurs because a child is frustrated and does not know what
else to do. For example, the activity may be too difficult for the child. Or
there may be too many children for the child to deal with. Or the child may
be angry because someone tried to take a toy away. Because the child has not
yet learned appropriate words or actions to express his frustration, he
resorts to biting.

There are many things you can do to eliminate the biting.
Provide easier toys and activities for the child.
Provide more toys so there is less fighting over the toys. Buy more than
one of popular toys so very young children will not have to wait long to
play with them.
Decrease the number of children the child plays near.
Shorten the playtime, or watch more carefully to see when the child starts
to "lose it."
Teach the child to say "no" if another child is doing something he doesn't
Substitute a teething ring if the child looks like she is about to bite
another child.
Stay very close to the child to monitor things, especially in situations
where you think biting is likely to occur.
If the child does bite, immediately remove the child from the others. (Do
this after you have checked to see that the child who was bitten is okay!)
Briefly explain that biting hurts others and will not be allowed. If you
consistently remove the child when he bites, he will learn that he must stop
biting if he wants to play with others.
Compliment the child when he is playing well with others. This will help
the child realize that you value this kind of behavior. It will also help
build the child's self-esteem.
It is also important to talk with parents. Talk to the parents of the child
who is biting and the parents of the other children in your care. Assure the
parents that biting, although it is serious and not to be tolerated, is
quite normal in very young children. Explain why biting occurs and the
techniques you are using to help the child overcome the problem. This shows
the parents that you are knowledgeable about children and on top of the
situation. Dealing with a child who bites can be challenging, but your
efforts will help the child take one more step toward independence and

Reprinted with permission from the National Network for Child Care - NNCC.
Todd, C.M. (1992). When children bite. In Todd, C.M. (Ed.), *Day care center
connections*, 1(6), pp. 3-4 Urbana-Champaign, IL: University of Illinois
Cooperative Extension Service.

Don't Just Drink Your Milk--Write With It!
a Q-Tip
skim milk
unlined white paper
an oven (Warning: Adult supervision is needed for use of the oven!)
1. Dip the Q-Tip into the milk. Carefully write your message on paper. Don't
press too hard, and don't use too much milk.
2. Let the milk dry on the paper until your message has disappeared. This
may take about 15 minutes.
3. You can make your words come to light by placing your message in a
425-degree oven for 60 seconds. If your message doesn't appear, leave it in
a little longer. But be careful, you don't want to leave it in too long and
burn the paper.
All milk contains protein. The heat from the oven causes the protein in the
milk to burn. When the protein burns, it turns from white to brown,
revealing your words.
N E W   A S K   O U R   V I S I T O R S

Answer this visitors question and be entered to win this months prize.

Question 5
Dear Visitors,
     I am in my first classroom and my director wants me to use the theme
"community helpers" for toddlers 24 months. Any suggestions which helpers to
introduce?? I will use this theme for 2 weeks. I need activities for art,
science, and cooking. Also, any suggested books for "community helpers" for
24 month children?? Please need help she will be coming into the room to see
how this is introduced to the children.
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Contest Rules & Prize
Click-able Link</A>
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L E T T E R   F R O M   C H R I S T A!

   I am finally caught up. There are new question added to both ask the
preschool and Ask our visitors. We have a new contest running each month.
Answer a visitors question for a chance to win. See the contest rules.
Click-able Link</A>
   I have included an article and an activity to go along with the two
questions asked to our preschool teacher staff. I hope you enjoy them.
   Don't forget to check out and enter the Sesame Street contest mentioned
at the top of the newsletter. You can also get to it from the front page of
Ask The Preschool Teacher. Use these links everyday. I know I will. I would
love to see the sesame street set. What a once in a lifetime chance for a
preschool teacher.
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