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Question 1 11/22/00

Dear Visitors,
      What is your opinion on TV watching in a Childcare setting?
TV in Child Care

Dear TV in Child Care,
      I don't believe in it in a preschool/center setting at all. We do use videos if we cannot go outside because of inclement weather. Also, during holidays we may use some pertaining to Santa, etc.

Dear TV in Child Care,
      I didn't mind it one bit when it was near closing time.  By that point the kids are tired and it helps them wind down as they wait for their parent.  I do think that the teachers need to make sure that only non-violent shows be on.  There are many educational and fun programs for a VCR.

Dear TV in Child Care,
     I don't believe in having a scheduled TV time.  The use of educational TV viewing should be minimal.  The only time I use it is in the event of inclement weather and/or getting the children in a group while handling an injured child.  If a TV is used, it should never be over 30 minutes at one sitting and no more than 30 minutes per every 4 hours of childcare.

Dear TV in Child Care,
     In the "olden" days when my boys were in daycare, I really didn't think much about it.  They are home with me now, but my oldest is in "preschool."  The "Extended Care" program which I use from time to time finds lots of creative, useful, fun things to do without TV and, now that I think about it, my child is so much more creative, active, curious, etc... with less TV.  Day care providers are there to take care of your children, not use a TV to do it.

Dear TV in Child Care,
     I believe and strongly feel that Preschool is no place for TV. Children get far too many hours of it at home as it is, and there are lots of things to keep them occupied in school, (like a good book, etc...). Kids just have too much TV time as it is.

Dear TV in Child Care,
     We use videos as a way to gather the children as they come in from the cars.  Since we are a Christian preschool we usually have a Bible story or something relating to the holiday playing for about 5 or 10 minutes.  This gives the children something to do before we all go to class together.


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