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4/30/01 Question 12

Dear Visitors,
     My Preschool program is winding down for the year and I am looking for ideas for Graduation program.  Does anyone have any ideas that may help me?
Preschool Graduation Ideas

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
I am offering my 4year olds a P.J. party evening that includes dinner, games a craft and a video. Parents drop off at 6 pm and pick up at 10 pm. A special treat just for my graduation children.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
Use It's a Small World as a theme, and dedicate your graduation to the whole world. Children dress up in different costumes, recite poems in different languages, etc.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
Sorry to be a party pooper but I don't think preschoolers need to "graduate."  Graduation is something truly significant for those completely the 12th grade, and unnecessary for pre-k, 5th, and 8th grades.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
My graduation is going to be held in the evening.  I am having the children each carry in a yellow carnation singing You Are My Sunshine, they will give this to their mom.  I have them recite things we learned this year.  Pledge, Days of the week, months of the year, a few songs, and then I give a brief description of what we did each month. Example( In Oct. we went to the pumpkin patch & picked out a pumpkin, we had a fall festival. In Nov.  we talked about and so on.)  The kids love this reminds them of all we did that year.  I close with given them each a preschool diploma, and we have a reception, This year I asked all the parents to bring a dessert and we will have a dessert buffet...

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
I think you should have them make their own graduation caps and tassels etc.... Kids love to act like they are older. You can have a small ceremony and give out interesting awards. Each child should take home an award relevant to their own personality and a diploma.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
This year, the children are singing and 'dancing' to three songs.  I also found a cute song that the parents will sing with them. Then, when the children are receiving their 'diplomas' we will have "bubble world".  Gymboree has a great bubble blower and solution that is thicker so the bubbles last for up to 24 hours!
We will end on that since it is too distracting. Make it fun and everything will go great!
Good Luck!
Ms. Beckie

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
Pre-school Graduation is just a nice way to end the year, say good bye and give the children a special night! We do a "Year in Review" Program. We work into the program a poem or song that we learned to go along with each month of school.
     Examples: January-Snowman Poem, February-Valentine Song, March-Space Unit, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star    It's a easy way to do a program because we don't have to learn alot of new songs for the program. We already know them! 
     After the Program, we hand out "Diplomas" and then all our families are invited to the gym or nearby park for a pot luck dinner. It's a very nice night for everyone.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
If you go to there are wonder full printable pages that could be used for several different graduation themes. Some of the pages could even be used as a little diploma. Have a great day.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
Oh, poor party pooper!!!  I think it is a wonderful idea to have a graduation.  Anything that makes the children feel extra special for their accomplishments for the year is wonderful and will only boost their self-esteem as well as let them know they will be moving on to something greater!!!  Our preschool dresses in caps and gowns and walks down the aisle as their name is called and the teacher states what Kindergarten they will be attending, or if they will be returning the next year, and announces what each child has stated they want to be when they grow up.  Plus they do a nice performance with a couple of songs they have learned.  One they are practicing right now is the butterfly dance.  Afterwards the parents stay for refreshments and to gather any remaining projects that need to go home.

Dear Preschool Graduation Ideas,
We have an end of the year party.  We call it our Moving Up and Moving On day. We give all our kids certificates for being apart of our class.  This year we plan to have an Under the Sea Theme.

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