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7/6/01 Question 15

Dear Visitors,
     I teach a Family Story time class for families and their Pre-K children. Each class we do activities, crafts, and a circle time related to a book, author, or illustrator. I would like to do the classic book "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, but I'm having trouble coming up with enough ideas to fill out my lesson plan. Help!
"Goodnight Moon"-Struck

Dear "Goodnight Moon"-Struck
     Art Project
Cut out moon shape, ex. full moon, half, so on, have the children glue them on black paper or you could even have the children finger paint them with yellow and blue let the children use their imaginations and experiment with colors.
I wish you luck.

Dear "Goodnight Moon"-Struck
This is a wonderful story.  You could fingerpaint a yellow moon.  You could use any of the objects mentioned in the story and do a fingerplay.  There are a few colors mentioned too.  It is a quiet type book so quiet activities would keep the mood related to the story.  You could relate to nightime with your activities.  Maybe sequence activities to prepare for bed.  Make a paper quilt.  Or a real one depending on how much you do at your program.  You could sing lullabies.

Dear "Goodnight Moon"-Struck
I work with children 2-5.  We are also doing a two week plan on this story.  So far, we have thought about what sleeps (animate vs. inanimate), what animals we see at night (nocturnal), creating a great green room box with all of the pieces from the story, making twinkle stars, stamping/ stenciling/ collage/ stickers/ drawing stars and moons, astronauts, space travel, spaceships, bedtime routines, coloring VanGogh's Starry night, sorting colors, numbers, shapes, white chalk on black paper, cows jumping over the moon, playing with mittens, a touch table or snack activity of Mush, practicing the articulation of "sh",
using bowls and spoons, brushes and combs, dark and light.  Based on the developmental level of the children I will modify the projects from scribbling to charting things we see in the day vs the night.  It seems unlimited...but I understand the initial block at inspiration.  

Dear "Goodnight Moon"-Struck
You could do a story retell.  Make flannel board pieces of each thing the bunny says good night to.  Give ach child a piece to bring up when you read it in the story.

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