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1/27/02 Question 20

Dear Visitors,
      Help! My 3 1/2 yr old son is in the middle of potty training. He knows how to accomplish the task, yet seems uninterested in initiating the process himself. Any suggestions?
Only half trained

Dear Only half trained,
I'd like to share a method that is working for me with my 2 yr 9mos. old son.  I have a big colorful calendar at his reach when sitting on the toilet and every time he finishes his DUTY, he is rewarded with a character sticker of his choice.  It is hanging up on the wall for everyone to see and is great to show Daddy when he gets home too!  Stickers can be bought a decent prices now days and kids love them!! Good Luck!
Barbara Egawa (Tokyo, Japan)

Dear Only half trained,
I just saw a John Rosemond article about that very topic today!  He said (and it worked for my nephew) to keep the potty where your child is most of the day and keep your child in thin cotton underpants or nothing below the waist.  Remind your child every now and then and don't yell!

Dear Only half trained,
My 3 year old was potty trained at 2 and regressed we had him teach his teddy bear to go to the potty it seems to work well, because when bear goes it is usually when he has to go also . you could also get him to aim at Cheerios in the commode.

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