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Question 3 12/10/00

Dear Visitors,
     I am planning on doing lessons on the three December holidays Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  I have researched the holidays and feel that I am prepared for these lessons but I feel I am missing an important fact about Hanukkah.  I want to know if there are special types of candles or color candles used in the menorah and if so what is its significance? I would be truly grateful to anyone who can answer this question.
Clueless about Hanukkah

Dear Clueless about Hanukkah,
      I am just like you and really do not know much about Hanukkah. I do have an uncle who celebrates Hanukkah, and I think he always uses white candles, but I don't know why? I did a little research for you. This site seems to have some good information about Hanukkah.
I hop it helps.
The Preschool Teacher

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