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12/27/00 Question 4

Dear Visitors,
     I am 14 years old. I teach Sunday school at my church to preschoolers. I have 5 boys and 2 girls in my class. When I first decided to teach I figured we could do arts and crafts but I soon found out that the kids really don't like those kind of things. I was wondering if anyone knew of any games we could play. They have to be quiet, fun, and not require a lot of space or running. 
Gameless Teacher

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Dear Gameless Teacher,
      I am a teacher's aid for 2 year olds.  All of the ideas I have found at are great.
You can also:

1) Buy a bunch of beans, pasta, beads, etc.  Provide coffee cans, scoopers, bowls, and put beans in a big plastic container in the middle of table for them to play in.  Or do the same idea with water, sand, or anything tactile you can think of.

2) Try spraying shaving cream on a table and have them gather around table to play with.  Use smocks or old shirts if parents don't prefer them getting too messy. 

3) Finger paints

4) Buttons in egg cartons are fun too!

5) Give them glue sticks and pieces of brightly colored paper or pictures from magazines

6) Try to find children's music to dance to (my favorites are Jim Gill, Raffi, Wiggles)

7) Read them stories

Hope this helps!

Dear Gameless Teacher,
I work at a daycare center and use to provide childcare at a church during service.  The activities you choose must be age-appropriate for the children you are teaching or they will either become frustrated or bored.
     -Try reading to the kids.  Selections from a children's Bible would be especially appropriate.  Be animated. Serving a small (parent-approved) snack will get their attention.     
      -Guessing games are also popular.  Give three clues about something from the story (or a more general theme like animals or food).  The person who guesses the correct answer gets to  think of the next clue.
       -Puzzles tend to hold children's attention.
       -Playdough is fun and doesn't make too much of a mess.
       -Don't give up on craft projects.  The simpler they are, the more the kids seem to enjoy them.  Start by just giving them crayons and slowly work up to projects with more elaborate instructions.

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