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1/10/01 Question 5

Dear Visitors,
     I am in my first classroom and my director wants me to use the theme "community helpers" for toddlers 24 months. Any suggestions which helpers to introduce?? I will use this theme for 2 weeks. I need activities for art, science, and cooking. Also, any suggested books for "community helpers" for 24 month children?? Please need help she will be coming into the room to see how this is introduced to the children.

Dear Helper????,
      It has been years since I have worked with 24 month olds, so I can not give much advice in the way of introducing, but I do have a few projects that you can try to approach with them.
First be sure to use songs. Lots and lots and of songs!
You can find some great ones here:
Now for art projects there are many easy ones on the Preschool Education page.
Like I said, I have not been with that age group in years, so if other teachers can help, please answer using the form below.
"Ask The Preschool Teacher"

Dear Helper????,
     Here are some ideas for You.
     Books: My Friend The Firefighter, My Friend the Doctor, My Friend the Police Officer, these are all by the same author; Leslie Ekard. These are board books got them from Dollar General  their really good for little ones.
     Art, For the doctor one you can make a first kit, by letting them  glue the following items on  folded construction paper: Band-Aids, cotton ball, swabs, any first aide items.
     Police: Create a badge pattern and let them decorate it with art scrapes. You can also do children' s fingerprints.
     Firefighter: Make a fire truck outline for painting or collage purposes.
     Cooking: Be bakers and make little English muffin pizzas, make trail mix, or pudding.  
     Postman: Make pretend postboxes and letters. Let children make letters and put them in mailboxes. Then take turn delivering them.

Dear Helper????,
     I think that it is great that your Preschool is thinking about Community Helpers at such a young age.  One Community Helper that you may be forgetting is your Local Children's Librarian.  Often times, your librarian will even make a special trip to your preschool and share a special story time.  I hope this helps you!  Also!  In the past, for our Summer Reading Programs, I have invited Fire Fighters to visit our library, and one year we even helped wash the fire truck!  All of the kids enjoyed it :)  Good Luck!!!
Miss Story Time

Dear Helper????,
    Two year olds need simple ideas that will hold their attention.  I recommend puppets to introduce and talk about the topic.  Let them play with the puppets next.  They will do whatever you do so model what you want them to do.  Glue torn paper on badge shapes or any shape related to the topic.   Let them place the pieces on.  Easel paint or finger paint with one color on large cutout shapes related to the topic. Use durable play cars in a small amount of sand in a sand table or on a city design floor mat or rug. 
"Ask The Preschool Teacher Staff"

Dear Helper????,
     I have not worked with 2's only 3,4, & 5 but something they have all enjoyed is taking a cardboard box and painting it one color then I take the box when it is dry and turn it into a fire truck or a police car depending on the color we painted.  I remove the flaps and cut holes for handles. They climb in and pretend they are driving all over town. They love it, although I do most of the work making it look like a fire truck or police car they claim ownership of the vehicle because they put that first coat of paint.  All the children have really enjoyed this project.
Mrs. Allen

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