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3/1/01 Question 8

Dear Visitors,
     I am a teacher in a 2 year old class. I am having the biggest problem with one of my children throwing everything. I am at my wits end and have no idea of what to do. I have spoken with mom and all I get is "oh, yeah he does that at home too." What can you suggest for me to do?
Throwing Two Year Old

Dear Throwing Two Year Old,
I would start by adding more gross motor activities to the daily routine that involve the throwing of things.  Teaching what is appropriate to be thrown and what is not.  I would also begin making the child pick up what ever they are throwing.  This may mean taking the child's hand in yours and physically helping them put it back in the proper place, or cleaning up the mess they have made. I would repeatedly talk to the child saying it is not a choice to throw the (object) but it is okay to throw the bean bags in the basket (or whatever you choose).  
     Find out why the child is throwing.  Is it because the child is mad, upset, or for attention.  Try to help meet that child's needs.  Give the child words to express his/her self. Finally, try foreseeing the situations in which the child is throwing things, and redirect before the child is able to commence the firing.

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