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2-26-00 Question 11/ Puppet Problem
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I am a first year student in the department of preschool education in the university of Athens. I would appreciate any ideas or material for a puppet show. The show must be a snapshot without words but with music.
Thank you in advance.
Puppet Problem    More...

2-26-00 Question 12/ Flannel for Three's
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I teach 3 year olds and they love flannel stories. Is there a good website or do you know of a great flannel book?
Thank you,
Flannel for three's
3-2-00 Question 13/ Too Much Joking
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I currently have a four year old girl. She is very sweet and funny. That is the problem. She is great. Learns quite quickly with some things, but others
are a great big joke.
    When I give her instructions, she thinks that I am just kidding. She won't do the work. When I try and enforce the work rules, she gets upset, and/or laughs like I was joking. How do I get this little girl to accept my instructions?
Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you.
Too much joking
3-12-00 Question 14/ Desperately seeking cookbook
Dear Preschool Teacher,
A few years ago, I attended a workshop which was a  hands on learning experience that introduced simple "cooking" projects.  Among the experiences I recall were edible dandelions made from nilla wafers and coconuts.  I also remember a butterfly made of celery, peanut butter, etc..  Each of these stories had a link to a children's book. I remember The Very Hungry Caterpillar was the link for the butterfly.
    I am trying to find the title of the book that was used at this workshop and I am hoping that maybe you will be able to help me with that.  I would also like to know the author as well, or ISBN #.
    Please let me know if you are familiar with this resource book in question and maybe would be able to also give me a contact to buy my own copy.
Desperately seeking cookbook
3-18-00 Question 15/ Positive feedback
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I work in a preschool that did not previously have a report card per say. I am looking for a cute and positive way to give the children and parents some feed back on how the children are doing.  If you have any ideas I would love to hear them.
Positive feedback    More...

3-18-00 Question 16/ Interested in Education
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I have been interested for some time now in going back to school to become a teacher.  I would like to start out with preschool age children and possibly later kindergarten.  What type of degree/certification is required?  There is a local college that offers a diploma program in early childhood education, is that enough?  Thanks for your help.
Interested in Education
3-25-00 Question 17/ Making more time
Dear Preschool Teacher,
            I have a small daycare and I am looking for a monthly curriculum for 41/2 year olds and younger. I have been doing it myself but it taking up all of my family time.
Making more time
3-25-00 Question 18/ Feely bag help
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I am trying to make up feely bags for my class room.  Do you have any ideas that will help me make up my own bags that are durable. I was thinking of using boxes or bags.  Which do you suggest?  Also, any ideas of things to put in the feely bags? 
Just looking for more ideas.
Feely bag help
3-25-00 Question 19/ Total Chaos
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I am a pre-school teacher that goes into home daycares and teaches for an hour of activities. I have been teaching for 5 years. However I have never been in a daycare class such as this. The kids are out of control, 6 of them. When I speak to one or they ask a question everyone scatters, when I turn to get a book or whatever they hit or push each other or yell at someone at the top of their lungs. They complain about what I do and playing games is nearly impossible. I have put a standard and tell them this is not allowed in class and send them to the corner if they do this. It does not work and sometimes some of them openly defy me. It is not only me because the 
daycare provider has a music man come in to play and he leaves early because of the chaos. I have a job here 3x a week.
Total Chaos
3-25-00 Question 20/ My 3-year old
Dear Preschool Teacher,
    I am an Indian staying in Dubai, UAE. My daughter turned 3 early this month. The schools in Dubai have a minimum requirement of a child to be three years old in order for them to join the school.  She will be 3+ by the time the session starts. She does not speak very clearly, she is not 100% yet.  But she is fast and grasps quickly.  She recognizes most of the alphabets and also colors. I am hesitant to send her to school this year given her age but on the other side when I see her picking up things fact I want to send her to school.
Can you please advise what I should do?
My 3-year old

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