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5/10/02 Question 151/ Should I Apply?

Dear Preschool Teacher,
    How easy is it for a preschool teacher to move into the program director's position? I welcome your comments on the responsibilities, commitment, etc..., how other staff would react to one of their own "moving up", and what it would be like not to teach a class but, instead, handle hiring, payroll, field trips and fund-raisers?  Thank you for your comments.
Should I apply?

5/10/02 Question 152/ Kindergarten Cup Cooker

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I am looking for a cookbook that is about cooking things in a cup. Ex. Cooking gingerbread in a Dixie cup.
Kindergarten Cup Cooker

5/10/02 Question 153/ Split-decision

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     Have you ever tried to split a large group of children so that you have only half the group for circle time?  I have an assistant but I can't figure out a good schedule for making sure both groups get equal time from me.

5/10/02 Question 154/ Getting The Rhythm

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I am currently an ECE student that is working in a preschool.  I am trying to complete an assignment on a rhythmic movement activity for 3 -5 year olds.  Do you have any suggestions other then wheels on the bus?
Getting the Rhythm

5/10/02 Question 155/ Bad Days are Contagious

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I am a preschool teacher in a classroom of ten children.  They are all great kids, but it seems that when one of them is having a tough day (listening, following directions, etc.) it rubs off on several of the other children and the whole day is affected!  Any suggestions for a troubled teacher?
Bad Days are Contagious

5/10/02 Question 156/ Fun in the Sand and Sea

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     What kinds of activities can I do with 3-5 year old children using sand and water.  I've already buried things in the sand table but what else can I do?
Fun in the Sand and Sea

5/10/02 Question 157/ Friend to the World

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I have an u
pcoming theme entitled "Taking care of our world".  I am having difficulty finding materials for this unit. (We have already done a unit on the rainforest.) I teach pre- Kindergarten children.  Any suggestions you have would be appreciated!
Friend to the World

5/10/02 Question 158/ Mixed Up Colors

Dear Preschool Teacher,
     I have a four year old son who is still having trouble recognizing some colors. He confuses red, yellow and orange. Is this normal? Could this be a problem that should be looked into?
Mixed Up Colors


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