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11/22/00 Question 1 / TV in Child Care

Dear Visitors,
What is your opinion on TV watching in a Childcare setting?
TV in Child Care    More...

11/28/00 Question 2 / Concerned Provider

Dear Visitors,
     I have two four year olds that I watch in my daycare home.  Lately, they have been pretending to smoke cigarettes.  At first I told them that I did not want them to pretend that because it was bad for their health.  This did not stop the behavior so I explained that smoking is no longer allowed inside buildings so they would have to wait until we were outside to pretend.  I am feeling guilty allowing them the opportunity to smoke--am I doing the right thing?
Concerned Provider    More...

12/10/00 Question 3 / Clueless about Hanukkah

Dear Visitors,
     I am planning on doing lessons on the three December holidays Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.  I have researched the holidays and feel that I am prepared for these lessons but I feel I am missing an important fact about Hanukkah.  I want to know if there are special types of candles or color candles used in the menorah and if so what is its significance? I would be truly grateful to anyone who can answer this question.
Clueless about Hanukkah   More...

12/27/00 Question 4/ Gameless Teacher

Dear Visitors,
     I am 14 years old. I teach Sunday school at my church to preschoolers. I have 5 boys and 2 girls in my class. When I first decided to teach I figured we could do arts and crafts but I soon found out that the kids really don't like those kind of things. I was wondering if anyone knew of any games we could play. They have to be quiet, fun, and not require a lot of space or running. 
Gameless Teacher
1/10/01 Question 5/ Helpers????

Dear Visitors,
     I am in my first classroom and my director wants me to use the theme "community helpers" for toddlers 24 months. Any suggestions which helpers to introduce?? I will use this theme for 2 weeks. I need activities for art, science, and cooking. Also, any suggested books for "community helpers" for 24 month children?? Please need help she will be coming into the room to see how this is introduced to the children.
Helpers????   More...

1/31/01 Question 6 / Un-birthday

Dear Visitors,
     This is my first year teaching.  I have 10 children 3-5 years old in my class. In February I plan to have an un-birthday party theme for a week. I would appreciate any suggestions for activities.  
2/14/01 Question 7/ The Eye Book

Dear Visitors,
     My center is doing Dr. Seuss week, and I wanted to do something on The eye book. I am trying to find a craft project and a sensory idea. Please let me know if you know any.
The Eye Book   More...

3/1/01 Question 8/ Throwing Two Year Old

Dear Visitors,
     I am a teacher in a 2 year old class. I am having the biggest problem with one of my children throwing everything. I am at my wits end and have no idea of what to do. I have spoken with mom and all I get is "oh, yeah he does that at home too." What can you suggest for me to do?
Throwing Two Year Old
3/8/01 Question 9/ Going Broke

Dear Visitors,
     My 4yr. old is currently attending a Montessori preschool program which costs $500/month and am looking for a MUCH less expensive program/preschool befor
e I go broke, in San Diego.
Going Broke

3/15/01 Question 10/ Ms. Concerned

Dear Visitors,
     I've been teaching for 14yrs. now at a preschool. I have a couple of kids who are difficult. They are always talking during class or disrupting others. How can I deal with this problem?
Ms. Concerned
4/5/01 Question 11/ Curriculum Needed

Dear Visitors,
     I am a certified early childhood teacher but want to stay home with my children so I am planning to teach a preschool in my home.  I have been looking at curriculums trying to find one that I could base off from to add to and adjust but haven't had much luck.  I plan to teach two-hour sessions two days a week and plan on having a session for 3-year-olds and one for 4-year-olds.  I would appreciate any suggestions of curriculums to look at.  I'm not particularly intere
sted in ones that supply all of the materials--they seem to costly. Especially if I didn't use all of the materials.
Curriculum Needed

4/30/01 Question 12 / Preschool Graduation Ideas

Dear Visitors,
    My Preschool program is winding down for the year and I am looking for ideas for Graduation program.  Does anyone have any ideas that may help me?
Preschool Graduation Ideas
5/17/01 Question 13/ Wants to sing

Dear Visitors,
     My 2 year old wants me to sing with her, but I don't know what the song is! The only line I know is "na-nee na-nee boo-boo, can't catch me". Can anyone fill me in as to what song this is?
Wants to sing
5/24/01 Question 14/ School Days End Soon

Dear Visitors,
     I am trying to come up with an idea for a last day of school gift or memento that my pre-school son can give his class mates for a gift. Can anyone give me some ideas, I only have a couple of days.
School days end to soon
7/6/01 Question 15/ "Goodnight Moon' Struck

Dear Visitors,
     I teach a Family Story time class for families and their Pre-K children. Each class we do activities, crafts, and a circle time related to a book, author, or illustrator. I would like to do the classic book "Goodnight Moon" by Margaret Wise Brown, but I'm having trouble coming up with enough ideas to fill out my lesson plan. Help!
"Goodnight Moon"-Struck

9/1/01 Question 16/ Out of the budget in New York State

Dear Visitors,
     My child is now ready for preschool and the cost is out of my budget. Is there any type of grants or funding could get for a single mom trying to send her child to preschool?
Out of the budget In New York State
9/13/01 Question 17/ Day Sheets

Dear Visitors,
      I need samples of day sheets that are used in our classroom, this is a summary of the day that goes home to the parents
Thank You
Day Sheets

10/11/01 Question 18/ Looking 4 Culture

Dear Visitors,
      I am looking for way's to introduce Native American Heritage Month in November to my daycare children. I will have children between the ages of 2-4 and would like to do some craft's (maybe one a week) and other fun things to teach them the different Heritage. I've tried finding some information online, but so far have had no luck. Any and all suggestions and idea's are welcomed.
Thanks in advance!
Looking 4 Culture
11/29/01 Question 19/ Service Seeker

Dear Visitors,
      Does anyone have fun suggestions for ways I can involve my preschool students in a service project for the upcoming holiday season?  I would really like to try to help them feel the joy that comes from doing something for someone else and I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas on their level. 
Service Seeker
1/27/02 Question 20/ Only Half Trained

Dear Visitors,
      Help! My 3 1/2 yr old son is in the middle of potty training. He knows how to accomplish the task, yet seems uninterested in initiating the process himself. Any suggestions?
Only half trained

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